My first month in Canada can be summed up in two statements: 

it is beautiful and I am cold. 

My office has enormous windows looking onto a small lake and a gorgeous row of colorful trees. My office has enormous windows, and they let in the cold. 

The building is light and airy, with so much space to eat and think and work. It is made of concrete and metal and glass, and they are cold. 

My position enjoys great independence, allowing me to wander freely between my favorite topics and think great thoughts. It is aimless, and I am frozen. 

My apartment is lovely and light, all day, on the days when the sun comes out. When the sun leaves, I am alone and I am cold. 

My mattress is huge, bigger than any bed I’ve owned before, piled high with soft and freshly laundered blankets. But I sleep alone—and I am oh so cold. 

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